One of the most horrible things that happen to you when you are late for work or arriving late at night and find your garage door is not opened correctly. You are tired and wonder what to do when you found your garage door is not operating properly as it should be. Most of the times, you will find the reason is pretty simple in the hands of garage door service in Washington, DC. They also have a pretty straightforward solution to any kind of garage door services. Mentioned here are some of the most common garage door issues and how the garage door service in Washington DC fixes them.

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Wall switch or remote control fails to open the door

Sometimes the garage door is not functioning well when both the remote and the wall switch are pressed. The most likely cause of it is the power source that may disrupt the situation. The most common issue that happens to the garage door is the issue in the motor unit that may have been unplugged. The garage door service in Washington DC checks the outlet ensures the door opening is appropriately plugged in. It ensures that the cord is correctly plugged all the way. They also check the lights, fuse, and electrical circuits in the garage that is not working. The expert garage door service in Washington DC will reset the breaker or replace the burned-out fuse to bring its normal functioning.


The opener won’t close all the way

You might notice that the garage door opener correctly but stops to close completely. It may be due to the wrong function of the limit switch. The switch limit of garage door tells the motor when to stop running and when to opening or closing. Incorrect assignment of limit- control switch could prevent the door from closing. It also will cause the opener reversing while closing.


Adjust the switch limit

The close limit switch features like a safety measure to keep you or your valuable and pets safe from being hit. Several garage doors have their adjusting set-limit switches. Expert garage door service in Washington DC manipulated to adjust the screw feature on the motor unit to control its movement. Visit for more details...


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