The garage door is the largest, heaviest and most technologically complex entrance to your home. It seems like one of the essential security features in your house. As the most frequently moment happens due to entry and exit, the garage door is subject to daily wear and tear. As a result, a garage door is bound to have functional issues every now and then. Whenever your garage door fails to function, regular should be taken care of as soon as possible. However, under mentioned are few reasons why you must need the garage door service in Washington DC.

The operator has no power

Sometimes, a garage door may operate (open or closed) for one reason, and that is its operator. The garage door fails to move if its operator has no power connection. The problem will happen due to the unplugged power cord, blown a fuse or circuit breaker. Issues in the circuit breaker should only be handled by a professional garage door service in Washington DC. Furthermore, the problem could even happen due to the faulty outlet. In such case, the operator just needs to be plugged in elsewhere until the faulty outlet is repaired.


Expired transmitter batteries

When it comes to the movement of a garage door, power access is required at both ends. The garage door operator is a significant component responsible for power source and is controlled by remotes as well. If your garage door doesn’t open with remote activation, the problem could happen due to the expired battery in your remote transmitter. Professional garage door service in Washington DC rectifies the malfunction that occurs to your remote. They check the battery tips to ensure the ends are aligned properly inside. It will assist you avoid more serious problems with your garage door openers in future.To continue reading click on...

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